"When Virginia Viognier is good, it is quite possibly the best Viogner made outside of Condrieu'" -Wine writer Ben Giliberti. 
The Vineyard
Located in the foothills of Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas, the vineyard benefits from its own temperate climate, giving the Viognier grape what it needs to ripen to perfection.

About the Viognier Grape
The Viognier grape is a fragrant, powerful white grape that caught the interest of winemakers after only 40 acres remained in the world.  In the last years, it has had a renaissance and is now found in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the US, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even Japan,  

The Viognier grape is also known for producing textural white wines with a strong stone-fruit flavours, on the nose the Viognier wines can be very floral, showing lavender and pollen aromas that are quite honeyed in sweeter examples. Apricots are the variety's classic flavor association, often with a richness that can be interpreted as ripe peach.  

The Viognier grape is not an easy grape to produce and the reason of its previous decline before it caught the attention of wine makers once more, it is not a varietal that  is naturally predisposed to producing healthy reliable yields. As is has a natural low acidity content, it requires a great deal of sunshine compared to other varietals to come to a perfect ripened state. It is known to lose its fresh apricot notes if the weather is overly hot during the ripening season. Arkansas offers the perfect soil and weather conditions to grow the Viognier grape to create great wines.

Photograph by Henry Georgi/All Canada/Corbis
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